What We Do

School4Sure is an initiative that gives schools and their immediate community (teachers, parents and family members) opportunity to contribute towards school’s fund-raising objectives without too much hassle or direct cost to themselves.
School4Sure generates funds by serving relevant adverts to its registered members. This leads to funds being allocated each month (based on individual achieving required targeted of viewed adverts) towards the school fund raising objectives.
In addition, School4Sure rewards all registered participants for their contribution by providing valuable “EDUSHIELD” cover each month (once target has been achieved by individual).
Every school whether private or public has various fund-raising events to provide for the children or generally improve the school environment. Over and above the school fees many parents are unable to contribute consistently to these fund-raising attempts.  School4Sure has recognised this need in the school environment and has created an opportunity for schools to have consistent fund raising throughout the year with minimum effort from parents, teachers and the PTA and with maximum output.

How it works


How To Register

To register your school please complete the contact form below and one of our representatives will be in touch. Once registration is complete, your school will become eligible for rewards.
When registering, parents can enter the school name to ensure that their activity is attributed to the correct or intended school.
Parents do not have to wait. download the app and register to start raising funds!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The school must register on https://school4sure.co.za/register  by giving two person’s contact details, Banking details, physical address.

School4sure and its subscribers would like to automatically donate R2 per subscriber per month, to the school each subscriber selects to support.

Subscribers of School4sure mobile App select the school that they want to support.
School4Sure will then on behalf of the subscribers, pay R2 per subscriber per month to the school.

Subscribers of School4Sure mobile App interact with digital advertising on a continuous basis on their mobile devices.
School4Sure will serve adverts to the subscribers at the end of the following actions: incoming/outgoing call and sms.
The brands and advertisers pay to serve their adverts to the subscribers.

Each and every school is a strong community of parents, grandparents, extended family, learners, teachers and past pupils.
By exciting this community to support and select your school when registering for School4Sure. It will secure the school the greater portion of the donation pool.

It is advisable to make a colourful document with a listing of the mini project a school would like to fund through the year.
This will help your community identify with reason to support your school. It also help corporates clearly see the area of need at a particular school. School4sure will publish your list of mini projects on its website for all participants to see and rally support.

Mini projects are projects whose monetary value is between R2000 and R6000. Typically a school with 2000 subscriber supporters can thus reach the monetary goal in a month or two.
By breaking the school needs into manageable chunks, it helps your subscribers to feel like they are achieving the mini tasks.
Some individuals which browse our website can also decide to donate towards mini projects that they like.
Fundraising is thus within the reach of everyone and not just rich companies.

In order to make sizeable payments to the school, it is suggested that a school draws out its donation when it is equals or greater than R2000. No smaller payments will be paid out.
This avoids admin burden of paying many small amounts to many different schools.

School4Sure is partnered to Phakama Administration Services, a company trusted by big Insurance companies to handle distribution and collection of premiums and claims. Phakama is regulated by the Financial Services Board. On a monthly basis a school will receive a excel spreadsheet report of its participating subscribers and amount raised month to date.

School4Sure sources its advertising content from Google and many other AdExchanges which have already done targeting and filtering. This means a subscriber will only receive adverts according to their digital footprint (where they have been surfing the website as well as physical footprint.). No pornographic or drugs or alcohol advertising is allowed through our platform.

We work with big insurance companies, Liberty and Lion of Africa Life, and Phakama Administration Services. We will further enter a MoU with the school. School4Sure itself is not a insurance company but works via insurance Companies to bring subscribers innovative products. We see ourselves as a technology company.

In this current launch phase, we are focusing on Fundraising for schools. The next phase is to add eLearning content from our partners. The learners can thus select content according to interest.

School4sure offers parents and past pupils community, an Advertising Sponsored Personal Accident and Death cover. The insurance is underwritten by Lion of Africa Life FSP 15283. Parents that own companies can also select to advertise via School4Sure. Please contact info@school4sure.co.za